mini-cinema for curious onlookers

An audiovisual, itinerant and performative project


Premiere Kinolambe

Kino Lambe is an audiovisual, travelling and performative project. It is a mini cinema on wheels, a mobile structure transported by bicycle and travelling through the city. It is meant to pop up in different places and give people a unique experience.

This structure contains two boxes where people can see inside through a hole and where a short film is played in the style of the puppet theatre Lambe Lambe for every 2 spectators.

With Kino Lambe, we focus on activating situations that evoke a close, almost intimate relationship between the audience, ourselves and the immediate environment we share at that moment.

Funded by:

The Film

Missing by Cristian Wiesenfeld

We are very happy and grateful to premiere our project with an animation short film by artist and friend Cristian Wisenfeld

Direction, Design and Animation by Cristian Wiesenfeld. Originalmusic by Marc Teitler. Soundtrack Recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

On the road

Kinolambe Zuschauer*innen


The inside


The framework


The carriage


The Team

We are María and Raquel, members of the women’s clown group Rotonda Teatro.

We both share a passion for the performing arts and produce our own shows.

With Kinolambe we are getting off the stage and changing the format.

We are starting this new project with a lot of enthusiasm, and hope that the audience enjoys watching it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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